Webinar: Marketing Tactics in the Age of GDPR


You’ve heard about GDPR by now. You know that there are actions your organization must take to stay compliant. You may have started enabling your teams and making changes to processes, but do you have a crystal clear understanding of how this new regulation will affect your tactical marketing programs?

We want to help make GDPR second nature for your organization, which is why we’ve partnered with experts from BusinessBrew for an exclusive invite-only webinar on February 22nd.

After attending this webinar, you will walk away with the following key learnings:

  • Comprehensive overview of the key GDPR principles that you and your team need to be aware of
  • Deep dive into specific examples of how common sales and marketing practices will be affected
  • Actions you must take today and how to implement these practices into your longer term strategy and planning process
  • Next steps for enabling your teams and ensuring your organization has all the boxes checked when it comes to this new regulation

Watch "GDPR: Marketing & Sales" Implications for additional information from Insight's GDPR webinar series. 

  • Gary Survis

    Gary Survis, Operating Partner

    Gary Survis joined Insight in 2016 as a Operating Partner. Gary focuses on driving operational strategies and improvements within Insight and its portfolio companies. He leverages his experience to assist organizations in accelerating solutions in strategy, marketing, talent management, and sales operations. Prior to joining Insight, Gary was the…