Webinar: Sales as a Science


For far too long sales has been based on artistry, effort and a little luck,  but with recurring revenue models the way we need to sell has changed. Sales as a Science will teach you key moments that will help you double your growth.

Specifically focusing on why selling is a team sport, we’ll discuss what happens on the people side of sales teams and why you can no longer be dependent upon sales super stars to help make the number with monster deals. Join Connor Fee, Partner at Winning by Design and previously CRO of UserVoice, for this engaging workshop with some specific tips you can take back to your teams immediately.

Webinar Takeaways: 

  • Learn the 5-7 "Moments that Matter" in a B2B sales process
  • Understand how a 10% improvement can result in 2x revenue
  • Discuss how the fastest growing go-to-market teams focus on process over people
  • Develop a mindset for coaching sales teams that are focused on adoption and execution

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