Webinar: Building Productive Channels to Drive Revenue Growth


Indirect channels are a high impact growth strategy for scaling your business. A strong partner program can provide a more efficient and effective indirect revenue source for driving new customers and expanding business in existing accounts…when they work!

The reality is that it can be very difficult to get the partner flywheel up and running to produce sustainable, repeatable sales.

Insight has partnered with The York Group to deliver a fast-paced webinar that will give you clear guidance on how to build out a productive channel strategy for scaling your business.

Key Questions Covered:  

  • What are the strategies that work to incentivize partners to sell? 
  • How do you become more strategic to your partners?
  • What does a compelling value proposition look like to your partners?   
  • How do you build the ideal partner profile?
  • Which key steps must be present in the partner recruitment process?

If you enjoyed this webinar and would like to learn more about channel development, check out our blog series The Journey to Building a Successful Partner Program for Your Software Business

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