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“On The Schmooze: A Learning Mindset” Podcast Episode

Helen Hua | April 18, 2018| 1 min. read


Insight Vice President and Head of Executive Recruitment, Helen Hua, recently published a blog post "Networking Is a Craft, Not a Chore". 

After reading her article, Robbie Samuels, best-selling business book author and networking expert, was inspired to interview Helen on his podcast, "On the Schmooze".

In this episode, Helen shares the following:

  • How she defines leadership and being able to fill gaps has allowed her to be an effective leader 
  • Her passion for helping entrepreneurs who are working to make their dreams a reality
  • How she aims to be thoughtful around networking relationships to ensure she is offering value to the people she engages with
  • Her method for finding and nurturing mentoring relationships

Listen "On The Shmooze: A Learning Midset" episode now!