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[Webinar] ScaleUp:CEO – 5 Insights That Help Founders Accelerate Growth With B2B Marketing (Startup Session 2)

We talk to hundreds of founders every year and see the same mistakes (and wins) when it comes to how they approach b2b marketing. Join Insight’s Marketing Center of Excellence this June as we discuss the top 5 insights we share with founders on how to leverage b2b marketing to accelerate growth.

During this session, we’ll cover:

  • The dangers of not investing in marketing or making it all about the leads
  • What to look for when hiring your first marketing leader (and what to avoid)
  • How to build your demand gen engine and the myth of account based marketing
  • What it means to create a category and when to invest in brand
  • When and how you should engage with industry analysts like Gartner

Join Insight’s Marketing Center of Excellence to get the insights that will change your approach to marketing and take your growth to the next level.


Meet the Panelists:

Gary Survis
Operating Partner, Marketing Center of Excellence
Insight Partners


Charlene Chen
EVP, Marketing Center of Excellence
Insight Partners



[Webinar] Pride Month Digital Event: Identities in the Workplace

Pride celebrations are held during the month of June and/or beginning of July in many countries to coincide with the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. It’s a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and the impact LGBTQ+ individuals have had on our communities, countries, and industries.  

To celebrate Pride Month, join us for a panel discussion led by Insight’s OUTsight ERG leaders. You’ll hear from executives in our portfolio companies who will share personal and professional experiences and discuss the importance of recognizing identities and intersectionality in the workplace. 

We welcome all employees in your organization to join us. 

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[Webinar] Investor’s POV: Mapping the Applied Generative AI Landscape

Insight has invested over $4B in AI since 2014. As the industry continues to take off, our investors have a thing or two to share. 

Join Managing Directors Lonne Jaffe and Praveen Akkiraju for the latest insights on how applied generative AI is transforming the future of tech. Our hosts will discuss the implications for CEOs and founders, including:  

  • What does the current AI landscape look like, and where do we predict the most value will accrue across the generative AI tech stack? 
  • How are large tech companies, such as Google and Microsoft, building/leveraging applied generative AI? 
  • How is Insight’s portfolio integrating generative AI to drive higher ROI and build even better product experiences for customers? 
  • What challenges will CEOs and founders face as this industry continues to grow rapidly? 

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[Recording] Unpacking RSA 2023

Steve Ward, MD at Insight Partners, and Betsy Wille, Director at the Cybersecurity Studio and Former CISO at Abbott, delve into the hot topics and key takeaways from RSA 2023 in this dynamic webinar. Drawing from their wealth of experience in the field, our panelists share their personal highlights and insights that cyber leaders can leverage going into H2.

Here are some highlights and learnings:

  1. The show floor can be a great place to collect intel and shape your competitive advantage. Utilize this time to observe how others use messaging, what new functionality they’re rolling out, etc.
  2. Given the classic enterprise budget/procurement process, most vendors at RSA should aim to establish executive relationships with the intention of landing deeper follow-ups for Black Hat.
  3. One-size only sometimes fits all, so be thoughtful about your follow-up strategy. When you reach out to your leads, keep the audience in mind and adjust your pitch/narrative accordingly.
  4. Executives increasingly want to see new and emerging tech earlier. Rather than focusing on selling or scanning badges, focus on sharing their broader vision, gathering feedback, and establishing relationships.

Share your experiences and insights from RSA and tag us on LinkedIn or Twitter (@insightpartners).

ScaleUp:AI 2023

ScaleUp:AI returns this October

Join us October 26th & 27th for thought-provoking discussions and opportunities to connect with the brightest minds in AI today.

ScaleUp:AI is an industry-leading global conference hosted by Insight Partners that features topics across technologies and industries, including AI, software, healthcare, finance, and cybersecurity. Built to guide and influence leaders, decision-makers, and doers who are ready to soar, our conferences are designed by the software industry’s most trusted ScaleUp partner, Insight Partners.


Thursday, October 26

Exclusive invite-only workshops from 12 – 5 PM
Welcome reception at 5 PM open to all in-person attendees.

Friday, October 27

Full day of sessions, breakouts, and networking.


NYC and online (livestream and on-demand).

Learn more

  • Stay tuned for further updates by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Interested speakers and partners can reach out to ai@scaleup.events
  • Tickets go live in May at scaleup.events


[Recording] ScaleUp:CEO – 3 Ways to Lay the Groundwork for Great Company Culture

As an early-stage Founder/CEO, there is a good chance you don’t have a human resources leader yet. That means you are in charge of bringing on the right people, inspiring them with your vision, and incentivizing them to stay – even through the difficult times. Your team is the most crucial asset, and high turnover rates can seriously affect your ability to scale quickly and effectively.

During this session, Insight’s Talent Center of Excellence shares how to lay the foundation of a strong company culture from the very beginning. Based on their experience of working with hundreds of CEOs/Founders, our hosts share the top things early-stage leaders should focus on, including how to:

  • Foster a culture of trust and ownership (and in turn reduce turnover) 
  • Create a hiring strategy that sources the right talent to scale effectively 
  • Determine which HR services to prioritize and which ones to outsource  

Meet the Panelists:

Janette Jankowski
Chief People Officer in Residence, Talent Center of Excellence
Insight Partners


Bryan Powell
Operating Partner, Talent Center of Excellence
Insight Partners

[Recording] Investor’s POV: The Impact of Generative AI on the Future of SaaS

Generative AI isn’t new – so what has made the innovation over the past several months so disruptive?

Managing Directors Ganesh Bell and George Mathew weigh in on how this wave of generative AI is changing the future of software. Our panelists also share their perspectives on the areas they are most excited to see generative AI disrupt and the implications for software founders.

Check out the key points we covered:

4:30 – AI is really taking off – Why now?

8:21 – How do you think about identifying durable companies?

18:28 – What are some verticals you are particularly excited about?

19:16 – With the advent of new foundation models like GPT-4, we can automate data training and make it faster. Do we still need traditional MLOps tools focused on data training, or will we fully migrate onto LLM-powered data training and automation tools?

22:25 – Given the opportunity surrounding generative AI, what advice do you have for software founders as they think about their product roadmap?

27:08 – How can software companies think about leveraging generative Ai for internal efficiency or improving customer experience?

37:45 – How do you think about the implications of generative AI regarding talent and, more specifically, how it will impact researchers transitioning to operational/entrepreneurial roles?

43:21 – What advice do you have for founders considering generative AI to create internal efficiencies versus as a feature/value proposition for customers?

[Recording] Real Talk from the Top

Female leaders are switching jobs at the highest rates we’ve ever seen, and ambitious young women are prepared to do the same. To make meaningful and sustainable progress toward gender equality, companies must go beyond table stakes, understand inequities and develop programs to sponsor women leaders across their organizations.

Insight hosted a candid fireside chat ‘Real Talk from the Top’ with four incredible female leaders in software where they discuss their personal journeys and how they got to where they are today. Listen to Whit Bouck, Insight Partners Managing Director moderate and May Habib CEO of Writer, Bronwyn Spira CEO of Force Therapeutics and Paige Robinson CEO of Will Reed discuss their experiences and share advice for creating an inclusive workplace and balancing work and family. 

Watch the recording

  • Female tech leaders are often the ‘only one’ on a leadership team, and it isn’t easy. It requires a deep reserve of courage to push through potential conflicts. Pay it forward as you grow in your career and become more comfortable in these uncharted environments. Enable your team to have access to mentorship and growth opportunities at every level to lift the next generation up.  
  • Building an executive career and a family requires thoughtful planning and a strong support infrastructure. Know your “why” with your approach to both your personal and professional goals. Think through the realistic “village of support” and the time and monetary investment you will need to strike the right balance for you.  
  • Creating an inclusive workplace requires more than just checking a box — it needs to be part of the fabric of the organization. Building the workplace culture is not an ‘extra’ thing; it’s everything. This starts with everyone you bring into the organization knowing what is important within your company values and why. Ensure employees buy into the mission and company values.
  • As you navigate your career, find that one mentor who you can go to for support with everything. Collect a ‘personal board of directors’ with people close to you with talents and focuses that align with you. Start to form connections by asking for 20 minutes to bounce ideas off something you’re working on. Continue to grow and learn, and focus on building your relationships — this will pay dividends over time. 


(Moderator) Whit Bouck, Managing Director, Insight Partners

May Habib, CEO and Co-Founder, Writer