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Behind the Investment: Eden Health – An Employee-Centric Approach to Healthcare

February 20, 2021| 1 min. read

Accessing high-quality, cost-effective healthcare is often more difficult than it should be. Patients struggle to navigate the complex healthcare landscape to identify the proper sources of care. The actual medical appointments often feel transactional in nature and last only a few minutes. Overall, access to care providers remains inadequate due to limited appointment availability, inconvenient locations for care sites, and high medical costs. And while consumers face these ongoing healthcare struggles, employers continue to seek out effective healthcare benefits to improve the lives of their employees.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, several tech-enabled market trends have emerged in response to these pain points across a patient’s healthcare journey. There’s been a rise in telehealth businesses built to offer exclusively virtual healthcare services to remove the barriers associated with in-person appointments. Several patient navigation platforms have grown to help users identify the right sources of care at the lowest costs. And most recently, there’s been a push towards tech-enabled primary care.

Eden Health was built to unify these three major healthcare themes: 1) Telehealth, 2) Patient Navigation, and 3) Tech-enabled Primary Care. Eden’s virtual primary care and navigation platform enables users to chat with Eden’s care providers and receive virtual care (including diagnoses and prescriptions via text), book in-person appointments with the same clinical care team, and use a concierge service to identify in-network specialists and access healthcare at lower costs. Eden built its service to be, above all, employee-first. Unlike traditional care models which tend to be more transactional, Eden centers around a relationship-based care model in which employees continually see the same clinicians who know them and understand their medical history. By taking an all-in-one relationship-based approach, Eden becomes the first point of care for its end users, resulting in uniquely high customer satisfaction and employee utilization rates. In addition to promoting a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce, Eden’s ability to influence the patient experience, thereby driving increased preventative care and lower cost care options, also enables healthcare cost savings for the employers.

With the onset of COVID-19, these healthcare trends accelerated and the need for a solution like Eden heightened. In the wake of the pandemic, Eden quickly adapted by offering a COVID-19 screener in their app to enable essential workers to safely remain at work. Regardless of whether employees were returning to the office or staying remote, access to healthcare has become top of mind for employees and employers alike, with virtual and on-demand care an increasing priority.

Insight’s relationship with the Eden team dates back to before the company’s inception – prior to starting Eden, co-founder/CEO Matt McCambridge began his career as an Insight analyst. After Matt left to start Eden, Insight was eager to try out the service and Eden quickly became one of Insight’s most beloved and widely used employee benefits. As one of Eden’s earliest customers, the team at Insight experienced firsthand the unmatched healthcare experience offered by Eden. As Eden continues to grow its customer base and national footprint, expand its product offerings, and build upon the accelerating market tailwinds around primary care and navigation, we’re thrilled to be leading their Series C. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Eden as they continue to transform the patient experience into one that is proactive, personal, and accessible.

Eden Health Raises $60 Million Series C to Bring Collaborative Care Mainstream

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