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Behind the Investment: Gtmhub – OKR Software for the Committed

Michael Shephard | January 12, 2021| 1 min. read

As the pace of competition accelerates across the enterprise, agility, visibility, and accountability become crucial pillars of corporate strategy. In many ways, the elusive holy grail of business management systems is a single source of truth to orchestrate planning, goals, and execution.

It is no surprise that adoption of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as a framework has exploded in the last couple years. The pain-point is fairly ubiquitous: how do we turn high level strategy into actionable goals, and then track cross-departmental progress against those goals? If the current environment has taught us anything with respect to business execution, it's that the old way of "managing by walking around" is neither viable nor scalable.

Gtmhub answers this simple yet infinitely complex problem with an elegant solution--an integrated "OKR software for the Committed," which gives enterprises of all sizes a single system to orchestrate company-wide operations. We are excited to announce that Insight is leading Gtmhub's $30M Series B.

Our relationship with Ivan and the Gtmhub team started over 3 years ago. From our first touchpoint, we were struck by the level of ambition. We stayed in close contact with the team over the years and were able to watch them grow and mature the company and platform, building up to where they are today: the most robust, enterprise-grade platform on the market used by the likes of Adobe, CNN, Societe Generale and TomTom to manage mission-critical enterprise-wide operations.

In many ways the challenge, and success for Gtmhub to date has been to take a platform that is highly robust in nature, featuring hundreds of native integrations, and distill that down into an elegant, approachable piece of software. Through a hyper-modern user interface, and native library of frameworks and OKR templates, Gtmhub is democratizing access to agile operations planning across the enterprise.

Looking forward, we're thrilled to partner with Ivan and the team as they continue to create this massive category and transition to the ScaleUp stage. Agile transformation is top of mind at enterprises across the globe and we couldn't be more excited about the path ahead.

OKR-Focused Gtmhub Raises $30M Series B After Growing 3x in 2020

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