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Behind the Investment: How iLobby’s Software is Ensuring Safety and Security in the Workplace

Amelia Miller, Kuran Malhotra | January 08, 2021| 1 min. read

Despite the flurry of technological advancement that we’ve seen in the last decade, when you enter a new building, you’ll often find yourself confronted with what seems like a relic from the past: an old, coffee-stained, pen-and-paper visitor log. It asks for your name. The date. The time. Your purpose.

As you rush to scribble in your details, smudging ink along the way, you might wonder – could there be a better way? Ask anyone at iLobby – one of Insight’s most recent investments –and the answer is a resounding yes. As one of the global leaders in enterprise visitor management, iLobby is committed to making the paper sign-in sheet extinct.

Insight first met the iLobby team in 2018. From our early conversations with CEO Ariel Mashiyev, it was clear that the team had a deep passion for disrupting the visitor management space and creating a solution that streamlined front desk management for businesses while delighting their visitors. iLobby’s commitment to addressing the needs of all kinds of organizations was also clear from the start – their robust suite of products can serve customers ranging from highly-regulated pharmaceutical plants to Fortune 500 corporations that simply need to know who’s arrived and when.

Over the past few years, we’ve watched iLobby scale. The platform has now been deployed in over 45 countries and translated into 35 languages and counts the Toronto International Airport, PepsiCo, and Boeing among its hundreds of enterprise customers. Millions of users have passed through doors utilizing iLobby software.

But despite iLobby’s significant footprint, there remains a massive greenfield market for iLobby to address. Visitor management software is a close to $10B market in the US alone, with many companies still keeping track of who flows in and out of their facilities through paper logs and spreadsheets. iLobby’s highly customizable platform + robust out of the box capabilities allow them to quickly and seamlessly digitize the front desk – bringing a new level of automation, security, and control to their diverse and growing customer base. As they continue to build out the product suite, iLobby looks forward to becoming a trusted partner in managing not only visitors, but everything that moves through its customers’ buildings.  

We saw iLobby’s nimble product expansion + deployment first-hand last spring, as COVID-19 hit. Within weeks of the pandemic, iLobby released a suite of products focused on keeping their customers – and their visitors – safe, including FeverCheck, Touchless Sign-in, and a COVID symptom questionnaire. In an era where knowing who is entering a building is more important than ever, these new modules have been vital for iLobby’s customers – allowing them to support safe + healthy returns to the office when the time is right.

We’re incredibly excited to announce our strategic investment in iLobby and watch them continue to grow. We see enormous opportunity ahead and are looking forward to helping iLobby build out their go-to-market strategy and product suite to better reach new markets – both in the U.S. and beyond.

iLobby Announces More Than USD100M Strategic Investment from Insight Partners to Scale Go-to-Market Strategy and Expand Product Capabilities

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