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Behind the Investment: How Restream is Building the “Multi-Stream” Platform

Nicole Shimer | September 09, 2020| 1 min. read

Everyone is looking for new ways to connect during the ongoing pandemic – people are hoping to connect with each other; content creators with viewers, and businesses with potential customers.

Livestreaming has proven to be an effective way of distributing content and messaging. Thus, the broader ecosystem has seen a huge boom during the pandemic. People are increasingly streaming video games on Twitch, converting conferences and concerts into virtual livestream events, and plenty of other use cases. With so many platforms from which to livestream – Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, and more, – it is hard to decide which one is best for reaching your viewers. Instead of choosing one location, why not “multi-stream” to all of them?

Being able to produce professional content easily, in your browser, and push it out to viewers everywhere is a powerful tool. Restream is the leading multiplatform live streaming service that enables anyone to broadcast live content from their web browser to millions of viewers across more than 30 social platforms simultaneously, and we are excited to co-lead their $50M Series A. To boost the company’s multi-platform livestreaming service, Restream launched Restream Studio allowing anyone to produce professional-style livestreams from their browser, which includes real-time Analytics broken down by platform, Chat, and Scheduler for pre-scheduling live streams.

Restream has gained a lot of traction in the recent months since COVID-19 emerged and people shifted towards working from home. During this time, we reconnected with the company’s CEO, Alexander Khuda, and were instantly impressed by how quickly the business was able to scale with high demand in such a short period of time. The value of Restream’s offering and its ability to scale gave us confidence to move quickly and co-lead the round.

Restream found initial traction in gaming and has quickly proven its value for all industries. Some recent examples include The World Health Organization (WHO), which hosted its “One World Together at Home” concert reaching 270 million viewers, LinkedIn, which entered the livestream space broadcasting engaging speaker series and other events, and Team Coco, which simulcasts events on a regular basis. Others include religious organizations broadcasting services, real estate agents hosting virtual open houses, and so on. Insight also uses Restream to broadcast conversations with founders and CEOs onto Twitter and LinkedIn. As you can see, the livestreaming world is expanding far beyond gaming and Restream is there to help businesses reach as many new viewers as possible.

Even as we come out of COVID-19, livestreaming is here to stay. Marketing behavior and viewer expectations have permanently shifted online. Plenty of customers have mentioned that they not only get far better attendance at virtual events, but they are also easier and cheaper to host. COVID-19 has clearly created unique use cases for multi-streaming while meaningfully accelerating long-term behavior and demand.

With this new investment, Restream is well on its way from transitioning from startup to ScaleUp. We are excited to be along for the ride, and we will certainly continue using the platform for our own virtual events!

Restream Announces $50 Million in Series A Financing, Launches Restream Studio for Content Creators

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