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Behind the Investment: Idoven – Improving Cardiovascular Care With AI

Alessandro Luciano, Scott Barclay, Ana Hugener | September 26, 2022| 1 min. read

Hundreds of millions of EKGs are performed worldwide each year, and they all have the same purpose: detecting abnormalities in a patient’s heart rhythm that, if caught early, can be life- saving.

Despite the importance and effectiveness of EKGs, many patients face many barriers to access – long wait times, sporadic testing, and the need for a cardiologist to make the diagnosis, which is time-consuming and often repetitive. Even though hundreds of millions of EKGs are performed each year, millions of people live with undetected heart conditions due to lack of testing availability and the sclerotic market in which most of healthcare operates.

Idoven is overcoming these barriers by leveraging deep learning to detect heart conditions quickly and accurately, starting with EKGs. Regardless of device, Idoven’s cloud-based API solution leverages the latest advances in AI to automate diagnosis with performance on par – or exceeding – cardiologists. The result is a solution that, by making hardware “intelligent,” saves valuable cardiologist time and increases access to reliable diagnoses for patients.

The impact of Idoven’s algorithm is already being felt. For example, Idoven partners with a global pharmaceutical company to help deliver life-saving treatment to cancer patients. Many cancer drugs present risks for cardiotoxicity that can lead to fatal arrythmias—making EKGs before and during treatment essential for patients. However, the waitlist to see a cardiologist is 1-4 months. Enter Idoven, which truncates this wait time to less than 5 minutes by using its cloud-based AI software and team of cardiologists to provide oncologists with near real-time feedback on whether a patient is suitable for treatment. As a result, many more cancer patients are receiving the treatment they need without delay. More broadly, Idoven has already helped the medical community diagnose heart abnormalities and monitor heart health for thousands of patients.

From a market perspective, Idoven rides the second wave of AI solutions in healthcare. Idoven’s  technology is created with empathy and clinical validation in order to be implemented seamlessly within workflows. Providers, payers, and pharma companies all desire to provide higher quality care more efficiently where there are supply constraints. Idoven co-founders Dr. Manuel Marina Breysse, CEO and José María Lillo, CTO have developed a masterclass of deep learning with empathetic pragmatism.

Idoven is the latest investment in a steady wave of Insight’s leadership in healthcare innovation – backing teams with deep product, deep science, and deep clinical perspective to improve use cases and workflows, at scale, just as we are doing with Clarify (healthcare analytics platform optimizing patient journeys), Viz.ai (care coordination and AI-powered workflows), Iterative Scopes (AI-based detection and treatment of GI diseases), Overjet (AI platform for dental care), and numerous others.

Finally, Insight proudly partners with great co-investors; in this case, Idoven’s Series A round was co-led with Michiel Kotting and Pascual Cortes-Monroy of Northzone, one of the leading European VCs. We both look forward to partnering with the Idoven team from early on in their growth journey and are excited to welcome them to the Insight family.

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