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Behind the Investment: SetSail – Driving Sales Productivity With Data

Trent Buenzli | January 27, 2021| 1 min. read

Sales leaders are often faced with the question, “How do I replicate my best sales reps’ performance?” They might have intuition around what activities produce successful outcomes, but there lacks a data-driven way to identify the specific sales activities that are truly revenue-generating. Also, once these high-impact behaviors are identified, leaders are often faced with the challenge of how to nudge reps to focus on them. These challenges around productivity and focus are exacerbated in an all-digital, remote selling world.

While at Google, the SetSail co-founders, Haggai, Bert, and Jen, built in-house solutions to address these challenges for the Google Ads and Google Cloud sales teams. They founded SetSail when they witnessed how important this data-driven approach became to scaling an efficient go-to-market team. They determined that it was time to bring this solution to the rest of the world and they assembled a world-class team in order to do so.

SetSail is so much more than a sales productivity tool. They aim to become the single pane of glass for sales operations leaders by providing a unified ML-based platform powering superior data enrichment and tools for success. These capabilities then enable SetSail to provide sales leaders with actionable insights and incentive-based mechanisms designed to replicate best-in-class rep behavior.

They have already signed Fortune 500 sales organizations as customers, including Cisco, proving the platform’s ability to scale with any size sales team. Our conviction in the solution was further strengthened when accomplished sales leaders from existing Insight portfolio companies touted the value of SetSail’s platform. A number of these leaders rolled out SetSail to their teams shortly after initial conversations.

Also, as the company continues to scale, we are excited about SetSail’s applicability beyond the sales use case to encompass all client-facing departments, including customer service reps, system engineers, and technical assistants.

Believing in the team, product, and opportunity, we are excited to be leading SetSail’s $26M Series A alongside existing investors Wing VC, Team8, and Operator Collective. In the years ahead, we look forward to watching SetSail become a mission-critical platform for sales and client-facing organizations worldwide.

SetSail Nabs $26M Series A to Rethink Sales Compensation

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