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Betsy Atkins on The Role of the Board in Managing Crisis

Insight Partners | July 21, 2020| 1 min. read

One of the key responsibilities of a company's board is to lead through a crisis. While not an easy task, crisis management and communication are integral to protecting shareholders, employees, and customers.

On July 21st, 2020, Insight's Managing Director, Hilary Gosher, led a fireside chat with Betsy Atkins, Author, Serial CEO, and Board Member. In the webinar, Betsy shares her perspective on shaping boardroom strategy and navigating crisis situations. Betsy’s experience spans hostile takeovers, fraud, cyber security breaches, #metoo, SEC investigations, and demand side shocks. She will share insider tips on how to get a board seat, the role of boards in the current environment, and the value of diversity.

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