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From Serving to Software: Celebrating National Veteran’s Day

Insight Partners | November 11, 2021| 1 min. read

To honor National Veteran's Day, Insight Partners hosted an inspiring event featuring distinguished officers from our Defense Ventures Fellows program, which drives innovation and collaboration across software companies, VC firms, and the military. 

During the event, each speaker shared their experiences and stories from serving in the military and working in technology. Their unique perspectives and skillsets emphasize why veterans are valuable employees at any software company.

Expert Speakers:

Ian Eishen, Chief Master SGT, US Air Force

Dave Kurtz, Command-Experienced Captain, US Navy

Eric Lyon, Director, Intelligence, Technology & Innovation, US Army

Diversity and inclusion are key commitments for Insight Partners, and we continue to build on our ScaleUp CEO DE&I Pledge launched earlier this year. Many of our ScaleUp companies are coming together to pledge their commitment to prioritizing DE&I and join a growing community to share best practices and receive exclusive DE&I programming. 

As part of this effort and to celebrate National Veterans Day, Insight is proud to be supporting the US Department of Defense’s SkillBridge Program, whereby your company can hire military interns during the final 6 months of their military service, with their full normal pay and benefits provided to them by DOD. Military personnel brings a wealth of functional and leadership expertise and a diverse set of experience and perspectives.

For Insight portfolio companies who are looking to sign the CEO DE&I ScaleUp Pledge and access a range of DE&I offerings, including the Shift program, please email Dhanya Madhusudan at dmadhusudan@insightpartners.com

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