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How Can Insight Help You Scale?

Ryan Hinkle | February 01, 2019| 1 min. read

If you're thinking about seeking an investor for your business, but are worried about how that investor will help you scale your business, you're not alone. In our work, we often find that businesses can benefit from the help an investor can offer. Yet, matching the type of support an investor can provide and what a business is looking for is key.

We can't speak for all investors, but here's a look at the approach Insight takes to work with our portfolio companies:

  • We start with pain points. When businesses are scaling quickly, they often run into operational bottlenecks that become pain points, limiting their potential. We partner with executives to identify these pain points and provide resources to resolve them.

Some common pain points we run into include:

  • Hiring: We find that companies are challenged to find the right people as they scale. We provide expertise in filling key entry-level roles, particularly across sales and marketing.
  • Reaching big prospects: Many young companies struggle to get the attention of large prospective customers. We offer solutions aimed at this issue.

In our video, "How Can Insight Help You Scale," Ryan Hinkle, a Managing Partner at Insight, goes into more detail about these pain points and offers perspective on how Insight goes about helping businesses scale quickly and efficiently.