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How Should I Evaluate Who to Raise Investment From?

Ryan Hinkle | January 06, 2019| 1 min. read

When thinking about businesses trying to scale quickly, the pervasive narrative is often about choosing whether or not to partner with an investor and choosing the right time to do so.

As we've worked with various software companies over the years, we've found that this focus on determining whether or not to seek an investor often distracts from the importance of choosing the right partner for your business’s needs.
Ryan Hinkle, a Managing Partner at Insight, points out that the decision to seek out an investor and the choice of partner are two distinct choices. He delves into this situation in our video, "How should I Evaluate Who to Raise Investment From?"

In the video, Ryan discusses:

  • Why it is challenging to decide on a capital partner.
  • Why it is important to think about the kind of help and support you're looking for from a source of capital.
  • What you can expect from different types of partners.
  • How Insight fits within the investment space and how we work with partners.

At Insight, our focus is centered around a desire to help businesses scale up their operations. We provide our support in the context of emphasizing growth by offering assistance that positions a businesses to maximize the opportunities it has available. Watch the video to learn more about choosing the right partner when raising capital and a deep dive into how Insight works with our portfolio companies.