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Webinar: How to Use Paid Search to Capture High Intent Buyers

Insight Onsite | October 17, 2018| 1 min. read

Nearly 85% of customers start their purchasing journey on search engines, not on specific company websites.

To compete, you have to apply a sophisticated paid search strategy that focuses on user intent. Many brands have a major marketing blind spot – high-intent customers who are brand agnostic.

Intent marketing, which is especially powerful in paid search, focuses on offering users what they really want or need at the exact right moment. If executed correctly, you will help users complete their personal due diligence and drive them to your branded content when they are primed for conversion.

Insight has partnered with Natural Intelligence to host this informative webinar focused on  paid search and intent marketing.


  • Why is paid search critical to your success?
  • What is intent marketing and how can you identify high-intent users?
  • What are the behaviors of high intent, non-brand-loyal customers?
  • What do you need to do get those potential customers to consider your brand?
  • What paid search strategy do you need to apply to tap into that pool of potential customers and convert them before your competition?

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