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Webinar: AI and Machine Learning

Lonne Jaffe | November 06, 2018| 1 min. read

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are some of the most commonly-used software buzzwords today, but these promising technologies can sometimes be more hype than reality.

In this webinar, Insight's Managing Director, Lonne Jaffe, shares the current state of AI and ML in the software market, including what is exciting, what is unproven – and what it all means for investors today.


  • AI 101: machine learning models are giving software the ability to make surprisingly accurate predictions and to automate the process of creating new software based on data. What does that mean for investors?
  • Despite the regular drumbeat of impressive accomplishments of AI coming out of growth stage startups and larger players like Google, AI “theatrics” are common in marketing today. What is really working in AI and what are the limitations? Under what circumstances does AI improve a company’s business model?
  • It is possible to think about AI software products in a framework with three layers: base platforms that are used to build systems, cross-industry capabilities, and industry-specific applications. What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing at each layer?
  • As an investor and limited partner, how can AI enhance your business operations?


Lonne Jaffe is a Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners, and joined the firm in 2017. He was previously the CEO of Insight portfolio company Syncsort, which he joined in 2013 after serving as the senior vice president for corporate strategy at CA Technologies. Prior to CA, Lonne spent over a decade at IBM, where he led a number of sizable software acquisitions and held various technology strategy and operating executive roles.