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Insight Partners Announces its Revenue Academy to Drive Growth

Insight Partners | August 25, 2021| 1 min. read
Insight Partners (IP) Revenue Academy, designed in partnership with Winning by Design, underscores the importance of strong Sales Leadership and highlights the impact that exceptional sales coaching has on revenue and organizational performance.

The IP Revenue Academy was developed by our industry-leading Sales and CS Center of Excellence and premiere sales consulting and training firm, Winning by Design, to build effective and impactful sales organizations in high growth ScaleUps.

The IP Revenue Academy includes a suite of courses to teach managers to become experts at fostering a coaching culture in their organizations. At the foundation of the program is the Frontline Manager Training course, where frontline managers of Sales and Customer Success learn the fundamental skills they need to lead and coach their teams. The program educates frontline leaders in Sales and Customer Success on how to coach their direct reports, manage one-on-one feedback, and maximize the impact of their pipeline and team meetings. The course is data-driven, and based on the core models of recurring revenue (visible to all as open source content via www.thescienceofrevenue.com). The IP Revenue Academy’s course is designed for the unique needs of software startups and ScaleUps, and the models are compatible with any existing sales methodology being used by companies providing the flexibility to fit into existing workflows. Topics covered in the course include the REKSTM coaching framework, how to execute role plays for building skills and handling candid conversations with productive feedback.  

Additional IP Revenue Academy courses available as customized offerings for portfolio sales managers, include: 

  • Coaching Performance Manager Playbook: A complete playbook for sales and customer success managers, with turn-by-turn directions on how to run a data-driven team, key metrics to coach against, and how to diagnose and address skill gaps
  • Deal Management Manager Playbook: A comprehensive guidebook on how to use the SPICEDTM framework to review and identify gaps in deals, and how to coach reps to success
  • Manager Coaching Cadence Design: Best practice coaching cadence definition for managers, including call reviews, meeting blueprints, and role play exercises to use with their teams
  • Dashboards to Manage 1:1s and Team Meetings: Detailed dashboards for data-driven conversations, with guidance on how to manage meetings on the key metrics

Hear what others are saying about the Insight Partners Revenue Academy:

“For scaling companies, the largest driver of successful revenue growth is net new sales and high net retention,” says Pablo Dominguez, Operating Partner at Insight Partners and software revenue, sales operations, and customer success veteran. “Executive leaders create the strategy, and it’s the frontline managers who translate strategy to execution. Our Revenue Academy gives these leaders the ability to ensure repeatable and predictable net new sales and retention through effective team management.  Recent program graduates are better equipped to deliver results with the investment we make in their management capabilities.” 

Two cohorts of managers from Insight’s portfolio - those software companies that Insight has funded – have already completed courses in the Academy. “Sales Leadership training is so scarce, effective management is the one business area that is not taught in college and yet drives the most important metric for any company,” says Nadeem Ahmed, Chief Revenue Officer of Clarify Health. “By creating a focused experience with a consistent set of frameworks and methods to help drive high-velocity sales organizations, Insight Partners is closing the capability gap. This is high value to me since my team is better managed and coached, and hence more likely to achieve our ambitious growth targets.” 

Tarek Alaruri, Chief Operating Officer at Fairmarkit, says the following about the program: “We realized that to meet and exceed our targets, we would need our sales managers to be really strong at not just managing the numbers and tracking activities, but at actively coaching their reps against the right skills and the right metrics.  That’s the kind of advanced level coaching that has proved to be crucial for hitting our revenue goals and that’s what this program delivers.”

“What constitutes effective management is changing rapidly. Modern employees don’t want heavy-handed managing; they want to be supported, guided, and set up for success by learning from their peers,” says Travis Kassay, Executive Vice President at Insight Partners, and strategic advisor to ScaleUp revenue leaders. “Personal development opportunities are more important for many than financial compensation. Insight Partners chose Winning by Design to create this frontline manager program because of their market-leading approach to sales leadership coaching; its design is completely in sync with what the sales managers at our portfolio companies need to succeed.”

But this is just the beginning! 

The IP Revenue Academy is starting with training sales leaders. Why? Because we recognize the outsized positive impact great leaders can have on a sales organization. Over time this Academy will expand to cover all individual contributor roles (Sales Rep, Account Manager, BDR, Customer Success Manager, Solutions Engineer) as well as Revenue Operations. 

Part of the Insight Portfolio and ready to level up your sales leaders? Register for our next two programs – Frontline Manager Training for Managers in Israel and Europe, and Revenue Architecture

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