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Insight Partners’ Expertise: Why Founders Should Speak to Analysts

Jonathan Rosenbaum | May 21, 2019| 1 min. read

As a founder, you possess an intimate knowledge of your business and industry that can be invaluable in helping outsiders understand your business's value. But as you work to scale your company, you'll often run into analyst perspectives that can prove instrumental you as you seek funding.

In our video, "Insight Partners' Expertise: Why Founders Should Speak to Analysts," Jonathan Rosenbaum, Vice President at Insight Partners, details why he thinks founders should take the time to connect with analysts from knowledgeable venture firms. 

At its core, the reason is simple: A good analyst can turn into a champion for your brand.

Getting an investor to take you seriously often means getting an entire team on board. When a venture firm meets to discuss opportunities, the analyst is in the room providing perspective on the business, its industry and the potential value it offers. If that analyst doesn't believe in your ideas, you may have trouble winning the room.

It can be tempting to want an M.D.-level decision-maker as part of your conversation with the firm from day one. But if you have a chance to connect with an analyst, you can ask them questions you wouldn't ask the final decision-makers. You can get a sense of how best to position your business. The analyst can help position your business effectively and champion your cause within the venture capital firm. Watch the full video for more details from Jonathan.