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Solutions to Make WFH Productive, Fun, and Enriching

Insight Partners | March 11, 2020| 1 min. read

We’re into unchartered territory – while some people have always, or periodically, worked from home (WFH), businesses will cross a new frontier when entire workforces move to a virtual office and work remotely.

Consultants, sales teams, service providers, and other executives who spend time on the road will be familiar with remote work – what won’t be familiar is a complete remote workforce, along with a turbulent healthcare and economic environment.

Insight Partners’ virtual office is active from March 12th when all employees will WFH. The best way to keep business momentum and mitigate the impact of forced team isolation is to have the best technologies and resources at your business’s disposal.

In preparing ourselves, we looked across our portfolio of software companies and realized that we’ve invested in many technologies that are useful for remote work. Of course, cloud-based, SaaS solutions are fundamental enablers of remote productivity, in particular; DevOps, cyber, data center, CRM, billing, marketing, customer success, and other go-to-market solutions.

There are also other products that can be an essential part of the virtual office toolkit. Our list below highlights some of Insight Partners’ portfolio companies -- these are solutions that can make working remotely productive, fun, enriching and convenient.

Communication and Connection - Ensure Everyone is in Sync
  • Monday - the Work OS that powers teams to run projects and workflows no matter where you're located
  • Hivebrite – A powerful community portal for real-time community engagement
  • Staffbase - An App that connects your entire workforce, creating transparency and fostering engagement
  • Diligent – Software built for secure virtual executive & board of directors meetings
Remote Collaboration and Business as Usual Applications – Work Together, Remotely!
  • Frame.io –  A cloud-based collaboration hub in the video production space
  • Diligent – Seamless software built for virtual executive & board meetings
  • Conga - Document management and reporting for remote/ disparate sales teams
Security - Virtual Office , Secure Your Org
Help and Support – Ensure You Are Setup for Success
  • Anydesk – Remote desktop software providing free remote access to personal computers
  • Lakeside Software – Solutions to monitor, optimize, and automate any IT environment
Learning and Training - More Time, Develop Skills
  • Udemy – An online learning platform for professional adults
  • Pluralsight – Technology skills and video training courses for software developers, IT administrators and creative professionals
  • Epignosis – LMS solution for modern companies to manage employee education
  • CoreView – Remote worker productivity measurement and 2,500+ just-in-time-learning videos for O365 
  • Blinkist – Bite-sized insights from over 3,000 bestselling nonfiction titles - read essential business books quickly!
  • JoyTunes –  Software to learn how to play the piano
Coping Software - Don’t Let Yourself Become Anxious or Isolated
  • HelloFresh – America’s most popular meal kit - everything you need to cook at home
  • Freshly – Chef-cooked, healthy meals delivered to you
  • The Farmer’s Dog – Smarter, healthier pet food to ensure your pet eats well; pets are great to calm the nerves
  • Aaptiv – Audio-based video workouts to keep you fit at home
  • Nextdoor – Discover your neighborhood and stay connected to your local community
  • Calm – Find your calm during this stressful time with meditation and sleep support

Insight has invested in a number of other software solutions that can help you work faster, better, and smarter. Explore these on our Portfolio Page.

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