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GO Guide: Growth Stage Fundraising for Software Companies

Insight Onsite | March 11, 2019| 1 min. read

If you are the founder or on the leadership team of a growth stage startup, you are likely not one to rest on your laurels. You have passed early funding hurdles and built operational success. That is, however, only part of the puzzle that keeps your ongoing concern, well...going. Fundraising has the power to fuel your “go big” plan, but there are several questions around the right time, the right investor, the right amount. It’s not always clear what the best path is for your business. 

We get the venture world can be opaque, and there’s a lot of advice out there. It’s always disappointing when a strong business doesn’t present well simply because they didn’t have the right advice to avoid costly mistakes. That’s what we’re exploring in this eBook. Our goal is to clear it up and uncover the concrete insights we’ve accumulated over the years on how to navigate the often-stressful fundraising process and get the most out of partnering with your investor. Regardless of whether you’ve been through it before, read on for a look at our teams’ combined learnings over the years at Insight Partners.

We’ve learned a few things during our 20+ years of software investing...

Since 1995, Insight has invested in over 300 high-growth software companies and partnered with our portfolio leaders to achieve more than 200 acquisitions and 100 strategic exits. Insight specializes in working in close collaboration with software companies to fuel growth. We’ve been investing in software since it was just a cottage industry and had conviction early on that it would be something big. Because of that, we’ve experienced the highs, lows, and everything in between. We aim to bring that level of deep expertise to our portfolio. We’re selective in choosing the companies we work with, and we urge you to be just as selective in choosing the investor you work with. Think long term. Think big. A VC should be your trusted first call and your go-to when it comes to tactical “what next?” advice for the entire journey of growth.

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