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Insight’s Sales KPI Benchmark Report

Ian Kwok | October 18, 2018| 1 min. read

One of the most common questions from sales executives is whether we have access to reliable and relevant sales benchmarks to help them understand their relative performance.

This question makes sense. It’s extremely difficult to find good sales performance data for software teams in scaling, privately-owned companies. What's more, when that information is available, much of it is not relevant since the data aggregates a wide range of business models, revenue sizes, go-to-market sales motions and contract sizes.  The information is not a useful measure for companies looking to understand how they compare because publicly available surveys don't scrub the data to ensure common definitions e.g., (definition of a “booking”) and intent among participants.

To satisfy our own curiosity and help the software executives we work with, Insight collects 30+ standardized key sales performance metrics from high growth software companies in our portfolio. At the end of each quarter, we take the time to ensure the information is free of errors, and the participating companies had the correct data in each data field.

In this post, we share highlights from the first six months of this year (H1, 2018). Our goal is to enable you to compare your performance to similar high-growth software companies in Insight’s portfolio and to make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your sales organization. This report provides perspectives into:

  • Actionable operating metrics: The benchmarks we highlight are directly applicable to your business, rather than abstract, high-level ideas. The information provides operational levers that an executive can use to improve sales performance.
  • Best-in-class perspectives: The data is segmented to highlight the top-quartile of performers in three revenue bands that correspond to emerging, scaling and more mature software sales teams. With this segmentation, executives can compare their team’s performance with similarly sized businesses to glean takeaways that are directly relevant to their size and growth rates.

Contact us if you would like to understand one level deeper and discuss the broader set of critical sales KPIs that we measure. Insight’s Sales Center of Excellence understands that building a world-class sales engine is extremely challenging. We’re here to help.


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