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Introducing the 2022 Post-Sales GTM Report

Insight Partners | August 04, 2022| 1 min. read

"If a company focuses on 'understanding what customers need and delivering it,' revenue growth and a high market valuation will follow."
Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow

In a subscription business, the sale doesn't end at "closed won." SaaS companies are re-orbiting their values, products, services, and GTM operations to center around customers and users. Leaders are adopting new strategies to deliver ongoing customer value at scale, reduce customer expansion costs, and accelerate growth.

This 2022 Post-Sales GTM Report (Download below!) covers the most frequently requested metrics by sales, professional services, customer success, account management, and customer support executives and leaders across the Insight portfolio. Use the report to extract relevant insights and understand how your company may compare to organizations with similar attributes by GTM strategy, stage, and/or average ASP.

 Check out our quick session on how to best leverage this report.

2022 Post-Sales GTM Report


Which KPIs are teams tracking? What are common post-sales structures and staffing ratios? What are examples of strategies that high performing companies are utilizing?


Learn all this and more by downloading our comprehensive post-sales report now.