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Jedox Raises Over $100M to Expand its Financial Modeling and Analytics Software to More Verticals

January 12, 2021| 1 min. read

Organizations today — perhaps more than ever before — are relying on technology to help them figure out what the next weeks, months, and years will hold for their business at what has been one of the more tumultuous periods for our global economy in decades. Today, a company that is providing the platform to do that is announcing a significant fundraise to tap into that opportunity.

Jedox, a German startup that builds tools to help companies with their financial planning and analysis using data sourced from basic documents like Excel spreadsheets, has picked up a funding of over $100 million — it’s not specifying exactly how much — in a round being led by Insight Partners, with Iris Capital, eCAPITAL, and Wecken & Cie (all previous backers) also participating. The company currently works with some 2,500 customers including big players like Microsoft, McDonalds, and industrial giant ABB.