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[Webinar] Investor’s POV: Mapping the Applied Generative AI Landscape


Jun 06, 2023 2:30 pm - Jun 06, 2023 3:30 pm

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Insight has invested over $4B in AI since 2014. As the industry continues to take off, our investors have a thing or two to share. 

Join Managing Directors Lonne Jaffe and Praveen Akkiraju for the latest insights on how applied generative AI is transforming the future of tech. Our hosts will discuss the implications for CEOs and founders, including:  

  • What does the current AI landscape look like, and where do we predict the most value will accrue across the generative AI tech stack? 
  • How are large tech companies, such as Google and Microsoft, building/leveraging applied generative AI? 
  • How is Insight’s portfolio integrating generative AI to drive higher ROI and build even better product experiences for customers? 
  • What challenges will CEOs and founders face as this industry continues to grow rapidly? 

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Mapping the Applied Generative AI Landscape

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