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Marketing Potential vs. Technology Potential

Ryan Hinkle | November 06, 2018| 1 min. read

The digital age has spawned opportunity far and wide for technology companies. Yet those that have found success have done so for a reason: They understood the difference between marketing potential and technology potential.

As Managing Director at Insight, Ryan Hinkle, explains in our Scale-Up Hack video "Marketing Potential vs. Technology Potential," there is a fundamental dichotomy between the two, which also relates to how Insight and angel or seed-stage investors differ.

Companies that have the technology, but not the corresponding market, product or actual revenue stream, have technology potential. The capacity for their technology to make an impact on society may still be great, but they do not have the tangibles Insight looks for, like a well-developed market and a pathway to success. That road may still be under construction for early-stage companies.

In some ways, it boils down to revenue potential, Hinkle says. Is the market there to realize it? Because the technology cannot do it all alone.

Watch our video to learn more.