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GO Guide: Launching a New Product

Insight Partners | March 04, 2020| 1 min. read

Planning a launch, especially within a small company, can seem like a misnomer. How can you plan every detail of a launch while you’re quickly iterating with limited resources? The answer is simply having the discipline to start planning the moment you begin development, and the rigor to think through every element. Product teams master launches by methodically building the steps to a successful launch into their process.

Often, when I say product launch people think of feature release and adoption efforts that immediately follow. What many fail to realize is that successful launches actually start months before the product is ready to release. In the beginning of development, you should be articulating why you believe the product will be successful and forming a team to support the user at every step of the release. This upfront effort empowers Product Managers to align the business to their vision and put support in place for later phases.

Product teams should see launch planning as the opportunity to address the elements of product success before release. This includes your strategies for customer communication, adoption, pricing, and internal enablement. It also includes assessing risks and defining what success looks like. It’s rigorous and takes time to get it right. But every time your product team launches and learns, these steps become second nature, you gain experience, and the organization as a whole gets more efficient at launching.

The Product Launch Playbook will give you an in-depth look at the elements of a successful launch. We will deconstruct what and who you need to consider and best practices from the beginning of development through release. Use this playbook as a guide for your next launch and iterate on the process to fit to your industry and product offering.

Download The Product Launch Playbook


For a in-depth guide to each element of a successful launch and a checklist you can use for your next launch