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Product Accelerator: CPOs are Change Agents

Insight Onsite | May 16, 2019| 1 min. read

In our work with rapidly scaling businesses, we've noticed a growing shift in how the role of Chief Product Officer is perceived. In many cases, the CPO is a person with deep knowledge of the technology that underpins a product and a strong awareness of the external business and market factors influencing the product. In many cases, the CPO and Chief Technology Officer roles end up very similar.

But we've noticed the technology sector changing so quickly that there's a need for more differentiation between the roles. In our video, "Product Accelerator: CPOs are Change Agents," Shelley Perry, an Operating Partner at Insight, explains that the CPO role is shifting more toward that external analysis focus and away from is past emphasis on technology. This is positioning the CPO to become more of a change agent, driving the positive momentum needed to push a product forward.

Businesses are recognizing that CPOs increasingly don't need to face inward, analyzing your technology. Instead, they are looking at the company and the changes that need to be made to unify the business and push into the future.

We've witnessed rapid, large-scale changes in the tech industry, and if you're a quickly scaling SaaS businesses, you're probably among the companies driving the positive disruption taking place. Shifting the focus of the CPO role away from technology can make it easier to see how the product fits within changing environments. Watch the full video to hear more of Shelley's perspective on the CPO role moving forward, or contact us today if you'd like to talk to one of our experts.