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ScaleUp by the Numbers: SaaS Sales KPIs for Startups at Every Stage

Pablo Dominguez, Charlie Gallagher | October 10, 2022| 1 min. read

The data in this report helps SaaS leaders measure, understand and compare the right sales KPIs to scale up to the next level. Collected quarterly throughout 2021, the data is self-reported from over 275 companies and analyzed by Insight’s in-house team of B2B sales experts.

By scrolling through the interactive report below, you’ll learn:

•    What revenue metrics investors focus on in Early, Mid- and Late-stage companies
•    Which SaaS sales KPIs to measure at each stage, how to measure them, and why
•    Industry sales benchmarks* from companies Insight works with

Whether you’re a founder just beginning to build a sales function or an executive focused on revenue nearing the $100M ARR mark, this report is for you.

See the interactive report in a full-screen window.

*Disclaimer: Market conditions may have changed from the time of data collection to the publishing of this report. Not all businesses are the same. Please use these KPIs and numbers as context for your sales strategy.