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ScaleUp Milestone: UserTesting IPO

Rebecca Liu-Doyle | November 17, 2021| 1 min. read

In a world that is shifting away from chatter between store aisles and behind the counter conversations to A/B testing and checkout optimization, UserTesting empowers companies of all sizes to bring back the fundamentals of customer centricity: understanding the customer as a human. 

With UserTesting’s “Human Insight Platform,” companies can gather on-demand video narratives that inform both what and how experiences are designed. They can collaboratively define a specific target audience (using their own CRM or UserTesting’s panel of >1M respondents), build test cases, and analyze, edit, and disseminate results throughout the organization within mere hours. UserTesting is about breathing life back into the notion of the USER. The USER behind the clicks, the charts, the never-ending metrics. The surprise, the frustration, the delight that numbers can’t capture.

When we first started spending time with Andy MacMillan and team in 2019, we were immediately struck by the intuitiveness of UserTesting’s value prop, the robustness of the platform, and the uniquely opportune market timing for this type of solution. As investors across the enterprise tool stack, we had a front row seat to the power, pertinence, and—pain—of digital transformation. 

Amidst the proliferation of digital-first touch points and inundation of customer data, the empathy gap between builders and users was widening. Furthermore, exponentially rising expectations for what constitutes a “great experience” was driving the need for not just continuous product iteration, but product iteration at a rapid clip. Companies had plenty of ways to track and measure experience, but outside of slow and costly focus groups, no simple way to see and hear how real people were reacting and engaging throughout the product development life cycle. Observing these dynamics unfold from the eye of the storm gave us conviction that UserTesting’s product-market fit was strengthening by the day, and that the business was well-positioned to achieve the rare feat of accelerated growth at scale. 

Since we led the company’s $100M Series F in February of 2020, the pace of digital transformation has only quickened and UserTesting has only exceeded our expectations. Under Andy’s leadership, the business has scaled operations in new geographies and deepened enterprise-grade capabilities. Upon today’s IPO on the NYSE, UserTesting is bringing human insight back to the forefront of 2000+ companies globally. We are thrilled to celebrate this ScaleUp milestone and incredibly grateful to be a part of this USER journey!