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ScaleUp Talent Handbook

Insight Onsite | January 30, 2020| 1 min. read

One of the mistakes recently hired leaders make is assuming they can start with a playbook and run a play that worked in the past. Before long, they realize that what worked at an enterprise or startup doesn’t always translate to a company in the ScaleUp phase. High-growth companies have universal needs: hire quality talent (and lots of it), train new leaders, and get an executive team to work well together, while growing. Insight’s Talent Team provides executives with tactical tips and data-driven advice as they think about talent for ScaleUps.

With Insight, you can access the best ScaleUp resources from the experts leading the field. In our ScaleUp Talent Handbook, we compiled the latest strategies, tactics, and advice to help you ScaleUp in 2020.

Download the ScaleUp Talent Handbook