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Hiring Begins With a Data-Driven Approach

Katy Ganguli | September 24, 2019| 1 min. read

In this video, Katy Ganguli shares why it's helpful to use a pre-hire assessment to focus interview efforts on high potential candidates.

She recommended that companies use a multi-measure pre-hire assessment with both cognitive and behavioral elements at the top of the recruiting funnel to filter out candidates with a low likelihood of success.  This improves the quality of candidates progressing through to the in-person interview stage and improves recruiting efficiency.  Be disciplined about using the assessment as a Go / No-Go filter and interview only those candidates who pass.  Beware of referrals from current employees – there is a temptation to allow them to proceed immediately to the interview.  To remove bias in your recruiting and maintain quality, require referrals to take the pre-hire assessment, like everyone else.

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