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The 2022 R&D Trends and Operational Foundations Report

Shirley Lin | September 19, 2022| 1 min. read

This R&D Investment and Operational Trends report takes last year's report and expands on the investment and headcount trends to answer questions about SaaS COGS, R&D operations, metrics, and more. Some questions the report addresses include: 

  • What should my hosting costs as a percentage of subscription revenue be? 
  • How do R&D teams allocate time spent across feature development, keeping the lights on, and defects, etc.? 
  • What does the makeup of my average product development team look like? 
  • How do product development teams align? (e.g., by feature, by component, by role) 
  • What operational metrics get tracked across the R&D SDLC? 

Please note that this report has been compiled using data from 2021. Current macroeconomic trends should be considered when utilizing these trends in strategic R&D decisions. Our goal is to empower you as an R&D leader to consider these trends in conjunction with macroeconomic trends and the nuances of your organization to drive decisions and behaviors.  

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