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The Imposter Phenomenon in High Achieving Women

Insight Partners | March 03, 2020| 1 min. read

Those who experience imposter syndrome often believe they are inferior to others or have faked their way into positions despite impressive accomplishments. Up to 70% of women and men, especially high-achievers, experience imposter syndrome at some point in their career. This false belief system leads some people to self-sabotage, turn down career and growth opportunities, and limit their own career trajectories.

Watch Paulette Rao MCC BCC, Executive Coach as she explains imposter syndrome and shares constructive ways you can begin to overcome this negative thought cycle. This workshop is designed to help you identify and normalize imposter thoughts and learn an effective strategy to cope with this fearful thinking. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Define imposter syndrome
  • Awareness of its presence in order to effectively manage it
  • Recognize the origins of imposter syndrome
  • Determine the impact imposter syndrome can have on performance
  • Identify the different types of imposter syndrome
  • Examine how reframing negative thoughts can be a strategy for dealing with imposter syndrome
Expert Speaker:

Paulette Rao is a leadership coach at major corporations around the world and has been collaborating with Declare to offer its members a unique and thoughtful approach to leadership development.  As founder of True North Resources, her coaching consultancy, and as a Board and Master Certified coach, Paulette works with senior executives, high potentials, and emerging leaders to help them hone the skills they need to improve their performance and develop others in their organization create positive change. She has gained notoriety working with female leaders to grow their confidence, executive presence, and leadership skills. She is certified by New York University as an Executive and Organizational Coach and is an Adjunct Professor and Curriculum Developer in the Graduate and Diploma Coaching Programs, where she received the NYU Award for Teaching Excellence. She has achieved the designation of Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and serves as the Past President of the New York City ICF Chapter. She is also a Founding Fellow of the Harvard Institute of Coaching (IOC).

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