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The Next Phase of Work: Conversation with Global CIO of Zoom

June 15, 2021| 1 min. read

The last year has forced a tremendous amount of rapid change in how the business world works and communicates. Everything pivoted to a remote-first environment and for many organizations, their employees, and customers this was a sudden and dramatic change.  

Now we are looking at a second phase: a reorganization of how we work, where we work from, and when we work. The needs of businesses and the desires of their employees will need to be balanced to foster the best results. Talent, Transformation, and Trust will all be key factors of organizations and their employees excelling and communicating in a new business environment.  

Watch Zoom Global CIO, Harry Moseley, as he shares what Zoom is seeing and learning from experiences across the world with Insight Partners' Operating Partner and Founder of Insight IGNITE, Emmet Keeffe.

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