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TradeLink Tackles Supply Chain Inefficiency

June 24, 2022| 1 min. read

Modern supply chains are as disconnected as ever. Stakeholders continue to rely on outdated technology for visibility, communication, and collaboration. The result is an inefficient process, costing stakeholders time and money as they collaborate to move goods from A to B.

The global supply chain is a complex web of intersecting trade networks, the main stakeholders of which are suppliers, forwarders, and warehouse operators (often brands or 3PLs). The careful orchestration of these stakeholders is crucial to a high functioning supply chain, however legacy technology inhibits effective cooperation.

Warehouses rarely know when shipments will arrive, preventing them from planning capacity. Trucks often idle outside for hours and fine warehouses that take too long. Warehouses operate at lower capacity because they function in a state of unpredictability, wasting a significant amount of time and money delegating employees to manually organize shipment arrivals. The core cause of these inefficiencies is a broken system of stakeholder collaboration. 

TradeLink is the collaboration layer that facilitates communication through the entire supply chain, starting with the interaction between the carrier and the warehouse user. It provides a supplier, forwarder, and carrier-facing scheduling system, along with a warehouse-facing organization tool that allows accounting for important factors like dock capacity and employee availability.

It immediately provides tangible benefits, decreasing truck waiting time by 75%, slashing coordination time by 50%, and increasing warehouse performance by 13%. Customers love it – their users spend an average of ~2 hours each day on it and quickly roll out the software across their warehouse network.

This is only the beginning. Tradelink plans on using this warehouse delivery coordination as its first step towards a broader end-to-end digital collaboration platform for process orchestrations and document management between shippers, warehouses, and carriers. Tradelink continues to drive ROI for customers, rolling out new modules that solve further, more intricate inefficiencies, saving affected parties billions of dollars throughout the supply chain.

We at Insight were blown away by Tradelink’s seasoned cofounders – Frederic (CEO) and Tobias (CTO) – who are repeat founders with years of insights into supply-chain shortcomings, a clear roadmap, and a position to continue innovating. They’ve seen incredible traction since inception in 2020 and are well on their way to near 300% growth this year. 

We are more than thrilled to lead TradeLink’s €12M Series A. The opportunity for efficiency gains through digitization between supply chain constituents is massive, and we look forward to supporting the team as they continue to solve new pain points and grow into a next-gen collaboration platform.