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Watch Insight’s “Escaping the Build Trap” Product Leadership Event

Insight Onsite | February 05, 2019| 1 min. read

At the end of 2018, Insight Venture Partners hosted an event to explore how organizations can scale to support product-led, profitable growth in new ways. 

Presentation: Escaping the Build Trap 

In this presentation, Melissa Perri, CEO of ProdUX Labs, celebrates the launch of “Escaping the Build Trap,” a new product management guidebook. Learn how her new book can help companies achieve massive product growth while iterating on theri product's core value. 

Panel Discussion: How to Recruit Product Talent at Scale
  • Mercedes Chatfield Taylor, Managing Partner at Caldwell Partners 
  • Ken Surdan, Chief Product Officer at Diligent Corporation 
  • Selena Hadzibabic, Vice President of Product at XO Group 

Panel Discussion: Product Leaders from Insight's Portfolio 
  • Karen Padir, CPO at Prevalent Inc.
  • Greg Hanson, CPO at PrecisionLender
  • Doug Rybacki, CPO at Conga
  • Prasanth Ramanand, Senior Director of Product Management at VTS