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Webinar: Getting Started with Product Operations

Insight Onsite | April 24, 2019| 1 min. read

As companies scale, the demands for leaders to guide the organization ramp up rapidly.

In the early days of a company, leading by intuition and managing by observation are perfectly feasible modes of operation. Although, as you cross the threshold into scaling, assessing all aspects of your software product – how it’s built, taken to market, monetized, and maintained – gets harder and harder every step of the way.

Enter: Product Operations – the art and science of supporting product strategy with evidence. An unsung hero that fuels winning strategies, and the secret sauce that makes empowers great leaders.

Product Operations is a rising trend in the software product industry. It’s a function that seeks out and eliminates barriers that prevent leaders from creating, executing, and managing evidence-based product strategy. It’s not a single activity or project, but an ongoing process of learning, discovering, and improving. It requires commitment and tenacity, but has a huge payoff.

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