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Webinar: How to Operationalize Sales & Customer Success Playbooks

Insight Onsite | May 02, 2019| 1 min. read

Sales and customer success playbooks come in two varieties: the employee onboarding playbook and the rep productivity playbook. The onboarding playbook helps train new personnel by defining what new hires need to know about your product, market, and your sales process. A good onboarding playbook reduces the time to ramp for new hires. The second type of playbook helps you to continuously improve the productivity (effectiveness and efficiency) of your sales and customer success reps. 

Optimizing and operationalizing your playbooks is an iterative process that yields significant results. First you need to define your ongoing sales and customer success playbook. Next, you need to implement it through technology and training. Lastly, you need to measure both process adherence and the effectiveness of each step.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Leverage learning science to reduce the time to ramp
  • Create one page sales playbooks and customer success playbooks
  • Translate playbooks into enablement materials reps actually use
  • Use practice and peer coaching to implement sales and customer success playbooks
  • Utilize technology to automate key actions or to provide reps turn by turn directions
  • Make sales and customer success playbooks A-B testable using scorecards