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Webinar: We’re Growing – How Do We Scale Communications?

Insight Onsite | July 18, 2019| 1 min. read

PR. You know that you need it, but what's the best way to scale a program as your business grows?

Insight has partnered with Highwire PR to host this webinar and help you learn how to scale a PR program through all stages of growth. Additionally, you will understand different factors to consider when scaling a program to ensure that your resources are being best utilized to accomplish your objectives.

Questions To Be Answered: 

  • When should I make an internal hire?
  • When should I hire an agency?
  • What value does an agency bring to my organization/department?
  • When should I launch global campaigns and what resources should I utilize?
  • When my company is close to an IPO, what does that mean for my communications program?

Download the Presentation