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What Are The Benefits of Lead Scoring?

Gary Survis | December 31, 2018| 1 min. read

Lead scoring - the process of assessing the value of a lead to support qualification efforts - has become a critical way to bolster operations.

You probably know all of this. Lead scoring is a well-established practice that plenty of businesses have kept in their back pocket for years. But, as Gary Survis, a Venture Partner here at Insight explained, it is also a practice that many businesses do not leverage to its full potential.

In our video, "What Are The Benefits of Lead Scoring?" Gary delves into some of the underlying advantages offered by the practice. He talks about:

  • The two critical attributes that define if a lead is ready to convert: the lead's fit for your business and if it is actually showing interest in your business.
  • How a lead score can serve as a gating process for sales organizations.
  • What sales teams end up doing when lead scoring isn't in place and they have to guess who they should pursue.

Gary dives into lead scoring in much more detail in the video, including a quick case study showing how one of our portfolio companies ramped up its lead scoring capabilities. Watch the video to learn more and gain an insider's perspective on what effective lead scoring looks like in practice.