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What are the Biggest Changes to SaaS Marketing?

Gary Survis | December 25, 2018| 1 min. read

The SaaS industry is changing at a breakneck pace. The industry has undergone not only rapid maturation, but a transformation in terms of how businesses perceive cloud technologies and what they are looking for from software companies. The constant change taking place in the industry is forcing SaaS providers to reconsider how they market themselves to customers in light of new expectations surrounding the cloud.

Some of this change is natural - it's normal to shift messaging as technology grows from an emerging solution to a mainstream option, for example. But some of the shifts are the result of fierce competition and market dynamics that have created an environment in which customer choice dominates the landscape. These conditions combine with the growing use of marketing technology in the sector to fuel a rapid pace of change that can leave companies struggling to identify what is hype and what is real.

With all of this in mind, Gary Survis, a Venture Partner at Insight, has distilled some of his experience about the shifting SaaS marketing world into the video, "What are the Biggest Changes to SaaS Marketing?" In the video, Gary explores how the shifting industry dynamics have shaped marketing best practices in the sector and provides guidance on how businesses can respond. He dives into everything from the rapid pace of change to the growing importance of data-based decision-making in the sector. Technology is fueling SaaS marketing changes. Check out the video to learn more about how SaaS marketing is shifting and how you can respond to scale your business quickly.