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What Do Investors Want to Hear From Founders?

Ryan Hinkle | December 01, 2018| 1 min. read

Founders want to say all the right things when they meet with possible investors. Yet to do that they have to know what those investors want in the first place.

In our Scale-Up Hack video "What Do Investors Want to Hear From Founders?" Managing Partner at Insight, Ryan Hinkle, gives entrepreneurs some advice on how to adopt the mindset of an investor, and thus prepare with exact talking points, materials and information.

Before an introductory meeting, the only experience investors may have with a business is with their website or through a few phone conversations. The first sit-down is a pivotal moment when investors not only gain a first impression, but flesh out what they know about the organization and its management team. And according to Hinkle, there are three core factors he needs to hear about to make an investment decision:

  1. Market: What is it, what drives it?
  2. Product: What is the vision, how will it grow?
  3. People: Who do you hire, how do you recruit?

If you can answer these questions, you will have made the best case for your business that you can. 

Watch our video to learn more.