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What is Insight’s Onsite Marketing Center of Excellence?

Gary Survis | November 06, 2018| 1 min. read

Insight portfolio companies can find enrichment and empowerment through our Onsite Marketing Centers of Excellence, equipping themselves with knowledge, tools and strategy to drive performance.

In our Scale-Up Hack video, "What is Insight's Onsite Marketing Center of Excellence?", Gary Survis, Operating Partner and Marketing COE leader, describes these centers and the opportunities available to portfolio companies who can leverage the experience and skills of advisors to unlock value and drive growth.

Companies can earn an advantage through any one of the five centers, Survis says, by getting tailored advice. An initial diagnostic helps identify the greatest areas for growth or improvement, as well as solutions, whether that means implementing account-based marketing (ABM) or new strategies for driving demand gen. Further fuel to turbocharge marketing excellence is provided in metrics and KPIs, plus benchmarking to understand your comparative performance. Portfolio companies will also have the GO network for easy access to resources.

But the takeaways are not just operational, Survis adds. Community is another key benefit of the Onsite Marketing Centers of Excellence. Round tables can help introduce leaders to peers and other connections they can use down the road, allowing them to pick the brains of investors or leaders who have been there and can help impart some knowledge.

For more about our Onsite Marketing Centers of Excellence, watch our video.