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Why Does Insight Focus on Growth Investing?

Gary Survis | January 02, 2018| 1 min. read

Insight pursues growth investing for a very good reason, says Gary Survis, Operating Partner. It's an identity that has been thought through long and hard, and for Survis the focus on growth investing comes down to opportunity.

By investing in growing businesses, Insight can create opportunity for portfolio companies, for their founders and leader, for employees who work there, for their families and communities, and for Insight partners. This chance to spread opportunity across the spectrum is what draws Insight, Survis explains in our Scale-Up Hack video "Why Does Insight Focus on Growth Investing?"

Opportunity can be found everywhere, and when seized, can drive economic engines that benefit the cities that never dreamed of becoming tech hubs. As Insight invests, it creates opportunity for companies to grow and to hire, benefiting families and communities. As businesses grow, they generate returns for Insight and its limited partners, which may then be reinvested in a virtuous cycle of opportunity.

For more on why Insight prioritizes growth investing, watch our video.