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An exclusive council for enterprise CIOs.

This is an 18-month program for 15 select global CIOs to engage in pivotal discussions on tech strategies and leadership in a private and trusted forum.

As a member, you’ll stay abreast of the latest tech trends while gaining early visibility into disruptive solutions shaping the enterprise standards of tomorrow. Learn more via Wall Street Journal.

Program Elements

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    Meet top CIOs and industry experts

    Convene regularly to discuss critical tech and leadership strategies with top CIOs and subject matter experts, chosen for their deep expertise and diverse perspectives.

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    Gain fresh perspectives from visionary founders

    Connect with tech founders, exchange ideas and learn about disruptive solutions that are changing the way global companies operate and innovate.

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    Level up your tech org with bespoke programs

    Upskill your team by enrolling senior leadership and direct reports in structured programs like our 6-month IGNITE Enterprise Accelerator.

    Learn about the IGNITE Enterprise Accelerator >

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    Build your advisory experience & board profile

    Flex your advisory muscles and enhance your board profile by sharing your perspectives and experience with our portfolio companies and executives from large global firms.

  • ETX Network
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    Deepen & diversify your professional network

    Enrich your network by deepening relationships with peers and connecting with subject matter experts, investors, founders, and more—even after the program ends.


The ETX is an 18-month program. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Join five quarterly virtual meetings & attend one in-person retreat  
  • Explore advisory opportunities with our portfolio companies
  • Mentor up-and-coming executives from large global organizations
  • Participate in IGNITE events—see our 2023 ScaleUp:AI agenda
  • Nominate your firm’s rising stars to take part in structured programs

You’re In Good Company


"Insight Partners has always impressed me with their ability to target relevant and cutting-edge technologies. I like to say if they're working on or aware of something, I'm likely missing out on the next big thing that's going to help me achieve our goals. So, being on the front lines of awareness here is really super exciting for me..." Rhonda Gass
CIO, Stanley Black & Decker

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Insight IGNITE is Insight Partners’ network of more than 2,000 senior tech executives across 850+ global enterprises who leverage the firm’s deep industry expertise and investment knowledge to inform their technology strategies. The IGNITE network’s value is derived from its unique position at the center of the software ecosystem, bringing together innovative founders from Insight’s portfolio of software startup and ScaleUp companies with corporate executives setting the technology strategy at Global 2000 companies. This collaboration fosters a mutually beneficial environment to connect, share insights, and forge strategic partnerships. Find out more at www.insightpartners.com/ignite.