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Since 1994, Appriss has provided proprietary data and analytics solutions to address risk, fraud, security, safety and compliance issues for government and commercial enterprises worldwide.  The Company employees 640 in 3 countries (US, UK, and Poland), with 450 of those working at the Company’s HQ offices in Metro Louisville, Kentucky.  Operations are segmented into three operating business units - Safety & Risk, Health, and Retail, all of which are supported by a core corporate support function.  Within our Safety & Risk operations, all 50 states depend on Appriss to help keep communities safe and informed and over 20 Federal agencies leverage our data to make our nation safer and to prevent criminal fraud.  Our Health operation delivers interstate information to 42 states to help control substance / opiate data.  We are the only platform for tracking the counter medicine containing pseudoephedrine.  And within Retail, more than 100,000 retail locations around the world use Appriss to mitigate fraud at the point of sale.  Billions of transactions are evaluated daily, across 23 countries, as we prevent fraud and abuse within the retail world.  All told, Appriss’ services touch between 8 – 9 million individuals each month resulting in lives protected and saved, substance and drug abuse mitigated, and fraud across government and commercial sectors mitigated.      

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