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Based in San Francisco, BlueOcean provides brand strategy as a service to deliver actionable recommendations, and always-on tracking. Using its proprietary AI-powered strategy engine, BlueOcean mines, analyzes and triangulates hundreds of data sources to arm organizations with insights into how to unlock growth relative to competitors with strategic marketing recommendations that can be acted on immediately to drive overall brand equity and health. 

BlueOcean was co-founded by CEO Grant McDougall, COO/President Liza Nebel, and Chief Data Scientist Matthew Gross who bring decades of experience in brand building for Chevron, AT&T, HP, Toyota, Samsung, Disney, American Express, Apple, Microsoft, and others. The trio co-founded BlueOcean after realizing much of the data mining and analysis needed for brand strategizing could be automated and at the same time, it could offer actionable advice that marketing teams and c-suite executives could deploy quickly. 

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