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Vinted is a lifestyle uniting all sorts of 14-27 year-old Internet savvy metropolitan females to shop and swap their clothes on a P2P basis while consuming in a new and mindful manner. Our mission is to become the largest platform in the world which brings second hand clothing as a first choice in a social way. And we do this with all our love. What once started from a couchsurfing experience in 2008, now operates in Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania and Czech Republic reaching over 50 million visits every month and consisting of over 2.4 million members. Built with the hearts and minds of a fun and focused team with over 80 people worldwide, Vinted is driven by creativity, always numberbacked and true to its wonderful members. With flat hierarchies, we still consider ourselves a startup, as we offer every person the ability to make a tremendous impact and the freedom to personally grow above the clouds. We like to be creative and have the discipline to be analytical - we like to get things done fast. While Vinted expands into new global markets, we seek to form strong local teams combining professionalism and passion to deliver inspiring ideas how to vint the world.