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Steve Rabin

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Rabin joined Insight in 2003 and serves as Insight's CTO. Steve has over 20 years of experience designing enterprise-class software and managing technology teams. Prior to Insight, Steve was CTO/ VP of Engineering at InterWorld and American Software. He also served in several engineering management positions at Pfizer. Steve founded and sold two supply chain-focused software firms, Optimized Planning Systems and Productivity Systems.

At Insight, Steve's goal is to help technical teams build best-of-breed R&D organizations and enterprise-class solutions. Steve works on projects with technical teams across Insight's portfolio of companies, in all types of business and delivery models: SaaS-based, enterprise software, internet, e-commerce and subscription based companies who invariably are providing services in the cloud, mobile solutions, client-server and hosted solutions.  Among others, Steve's projects cover agile development, QA/continuous automation, R&D metrics, performance management, infrastructure/security planning, architecture, off-shoring, and effective R&D leadership. Since development requires continuous improvement, Steve also performs technical assessments using a blended Agile/CMMI model. The objective is to enable teams to identify and prioritize where to focus their efforts.

Steve is active in industry standards groups, consortiums and conference boards in the areas of EAI topologies, transactional infrastructures, agile development practices, performance benchmarks and web services. He has published widely and is a regular contributor to industry blogs and publications. Steve hosts Insight's annual R&D Forum for senior technology leaders which brings portfolio company teams together to share best practices and learn about new development trends.

Steve lives on Martha's Vineyard but is mostly onsite working side-by-side with Insight's portfolio companies.